session plans

These sessions have been written with the intention of allowing a great teacher to ‘own’ the learning. Therefore, they are not standard lesson plans and they do not come with pre-written objectives. For this reason they are not a scheme of work. Instead, these sessions present the subject knowledge required to stimulate discussions and debates, without having to trawl the internet for information or resources. Most importantly, they are intended to provide some critical learning to allow each child to take responsibility for their online activity and to be aware of how great the internet and mobile technology can be, whilst understanding the potential dangers from a significant but small minority of misusers. For this reason the sessions tackle the principles of staying safe with mobile technology, quite often with simple paper and pencil activities and without actually being online. It is important that these principles of online safety remain the focus of the learning. This is because the technology and the applications can, and will, change throughout the future. As educators, our task now, and for the years ahead, is to empower our children with the knowledge to make good decisions and to learn without fear or misconception.

To use the sessions, we would recommend time taken to read the subject knowledge and case studies before deciding your approach. You may create a simple whiteboard presentation, use picture resources, or activities to incorporate team and partner learning. Your session may be in the classroom or not. By using this approach, it is the Teacher that is the focal point of the learning, allowing for questions and the possibility of steering the learning in different directions. For this reason, please treat the sessions as you would with your sex and relationship curriculum by setting the expectations at the start of the learning. Provide the children with the appropriate code of conduct and remind them at the start of each session, that if they have anything personal to share, then this can be done after the session. Please consult your school safeguarding protocol when managing any potential disclosures.

We hope that these sessions will make a big difference in keeping our children safe by giving them the rationale and the key principles when making personal decisions, rather than simply telling them what to do. We also hope that the messages within the learning become a holistic part of you school culture as they recur in the daily context. We also hope that the sessions give your Teachers the expertise to deliver some potentially life saving messages, without having to worry about their knowledge of the latest app or how it feels to be 10 years old in a technological age!

Session 1 | Online Communication

The world we now live in is changing pretty quickly. The internet, and in particular, mobile smart phones, now allow us to communicate at any time. In fact, the communication never stops. But as we reach an age where we begin to use this technology, do we really know what we need to know to be safe?

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Session 2 | Online Communities

The previous session looked at the concept of communicating online. It’s fair to say that people will naturally connect with other people that have the same interests. This session investigates what these communities do and how they work.

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Session 3 | Social Networks

There are lots of different social networks online, all of which can be potentially harmful. Even applications that include opportunities for interaction can pose a threat. This is not to say that social networking is wrong, but it’s very clear to see from the mistakes that have been made that it’s easy for problems to occur.

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Session 4 | Online Searches

Google is for most people, and or an increasingly younger audience, a tool for everyday life. Search engines allow us to find information about anything, although we know that the pathway to good, honest content can be hijacked by webpages that can cause distress and upset. With predictive searches, as soon as we enter the name of our favourite pop star, there can be a possibility that there could be unsuitable content prompted. It would be very easy for a curious mind to investigate such pages and find something unsuitable.

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Session 5 | Online Gaming

Online gaming can be very discreet. It also appears in many ways, from simulations and games targeting the very youngest children, to games with chat forums and more sophisticated adult orientated games.

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Teachers Notes | Preparatory Subject Knowledge

These sessions have been created to ensure that our children can be safe using new, mobile technology. A lot of the content relates directly to how we use smartphones, but it also applies to online safety. You will find that the content of each session has a number of recurring messages to promote good practice and safety through risk assessment and awareness.

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