Exploring, making new friends, chatting to pals, sharing experiences, taking part in games, playing with your mates.

They all sound like the cool things we want our kids to get involved with, out there in the real world however we often provide support as parents, carers, teachers and friends.

But what about the virtual world?

The internet comes without a built in safety net. Children get to do all these things online from the moment they get the chance to use their very first smart device. That might well be a phone equipped with all the latest technology available at the click of an app. So how do we make this experience as safe as possible.

"Myfirstmobile" is a programme of study derived from a Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board  Digital Citizen Award project and designed for teachers to equip pupils with basic skills to help them to make the correct choices whilst using the internet.

The programme is best delivered over several sessions. It has been put together by a collaboration of senior teachers and online safety professionals addressing a number of key elements covered in the PSHE curriculum.

We've kick started the programme with a 5 minute animated film created by students from The Creative and Media Studio School which is all about a boy receiving his first mobile phone on his tenth birthday. The video starts at his birthday party and takes viewers through a number of challenging issues about his ownership and safe use of his new phone.

What follows are a number of session plans on different internet related subjects taking the child through their online learning experience.

Once all sessions have been completed, children are encouraged to take the quiz to test their online safety knowledge and skills.

On successful completion of the programme all participants will be able to obtain a certificate of their achievement.


Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board would like to thank the following contributors to the My First Mobile Phone project.

The staff and students of The Creative and Media Studio School for their outstanding contribution to this project in devising and producing the animated video that accompanies this project.

The teaching staff at St Thomas Primary School, Huddersfield and Ravenshall School, Dewsbury for their contribution in devising the session plans and their pupils for testing them out. Members of the My First Mobile Phone project team for their creative ideas, support and planning around bring the project to life.

Finally, thanks the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner of West Yorkshire for providing funds to complete this project.